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Avanti Ultra


Key words: Trendy, young, modern, hip, sensorial, daring, exotic, luxury, quality and high end products.


History: Avanti Ultra is a brand that began in 1995.  It is an offspring of the retail focused Avanti brand.  Customers wanted the Avanti feel but with more professional technology and a higher end style.  Avanti-Ultra is the outcome of that demand.


Philosophy/values: Fun must be taken seriously!


Brand identity: Contemporary and youthful is the brand attitude.  Avanti Ultra is about fresh style.  It’s about respecting the youthful and exotic side of our personalities.


Avanti Ultra demands sensory engagement.  These luxury products need to be felt, touched and played with.  The brand offers a sense of excitement to its customers.


It feels fashionable, it looks ‘hot’, it inspires creativity.

It is the hair tool equivalent to an MP3 player, an IPOD, or a trendy new tech-toy.  Avanti ultra is high end products that will appeal to the young and hip at heart.


Target Market – KIDULTS: No matter your age, you want to stay young.  You do not need look or act serious in order to be taken seriously.  


Personality type – Her name is Jo, she is 28 and has been in hairdressing for over 8 years.  She works in a salon in the Plateau and she goes out for drinks with her friends every Thursday and Saturday.  She sees herself as hip and young, but she desperately wants to be taken seriously and respected at work by both her clients and by her peers.


Brand promise: Avanti Ultra offers fun and unique products with the promise of high quality equipment to give it staying power.  It uses the latest technology based on thorough research and knowledge.  This brand has a talent in trending newness and promises a willingness to maintain a fresh and lively product offer.


Unique Selling Point – Edgy and daring is Avanti Ultra’s USP.  These are serious products that inspire a sense of play.


Products in line up: Hairdryers (8), Tourmaline brushes (2)



Babyliss pro


Key words: Well-established, European, classic in style.
Diverse, all shapes and sizes, multi faceted, all levels of technologies.  Something for everyone.


History: Babyliss Pro has been around for over 30 years.   It is a well established brand known throughout Canada as a leading brand of European styling products. 


Philosophy/values: Endless possibilities for diverse needs


Brand identity: Babyliss Pro is about empowering product designs that cater to a variety of demanding clients.  It is a diverse range of products that offers state of the art technology for all different types of stylists. 


It feels modern, it looks European and it inspires trust in its established reputation.


This brand was developed with the understanding that different stylists have a wide variety of needs. It is inspired by European innovation and is classic in it’s mood and style.  It is a professional brand that has become a world leader because it is innovative, powerful and accessible.


Babyliss Pro is a very well established brand and has earned itself a solid reputation amongst its clientele.


Target Market – Stylist who gravitate towards dependable quality with innovation at its core.

Personality type – His name is Trevor, he is 40 and has been hairdressing for over 20 years.  He works in a mid-end salon where he has a loyal and long standing customer base.  He does not go out too often but has lots of dinner parties in his minimalist style loft.  He sees himself as an expert hairdresser and wants to display his expertise to his clients and peers.  The tools he uses are well established and dependable.


Brand promise: Babyliss Pro offers outstanding results and promises innovative, high technology and a diverse range of products each year.  The brand promises to offer dependable products at both high end and affordable price points.


Unique Selling Point – Diverse styles and technology with a European flair.


Products in line up - Hairdryers (8), diffusers (3), Curling irons (9-styles), Flat irons (10 styles), Specialty irons (5), Brushes (8-10), Timers (3)






Key words: Digital, intelligen, serious, high- technology, far reaching, futuristic.


History: Isinis evolved out of the technological revolution within the hair care industry.  It began as a brush line in 1970 and satisfied customer calls for professional tools with cutting edge technology. 


Philosophy/values: Intelligence paves the way to a high tech future. 


Brand identity: The Isinis brand uses ground breaking technology to create its innovative products.  The brand is based on thorough research & advanced development, using both to create highly efficient tools.


Isinis is considered the next generation in styling products.  It takes itself very seriously and will not veer from progress.  Its focus is on innovation and providing superior tools to stylists.


It feels revolutionary, it looks futuristic and sophisticated.


This brand is not for the faint hearted.  It relies on vision and fact.  It will drive the industry into a worldwide technological revolution. 


Target Market – Stylists who depend on the best technology to provide ease and practical solutions.  These stylists feel enormous time pressures and need to cater to the busy customer.  They want high tech tools that will deliver incredible results in a short period of time.  And they don’t mind paying the price for quality.  


Personality type – His name is Eric.  He is 30 years old and has built a prestigious reputation for himself as a hair stylist.  He works in one of the busiest salon’s in the city and every customer has heard of him.  He tries to eat well and live healthy.  He loves technology and believes that new advancements can ease his lifestyle and better his results. He must keep his reputation in tact by maximizing his time and his performance, while continuing to feel good about himself.


Brand promise:  Isinis offers advanced tools that deliver fast and superior results.  The brand promises a glimpse into the future by staying on top of the technological revolution and developing intelligent products that cater to the modern stylist.  Isinis tools will save you time and energy with their cutting edge technology.


Unique Selling Point – Serious and cutting edge is Isinis’s USP.  These are highly effective products that will take you into the future.


Products in line up: Curling irons (6), Flat irons (12), Clipper (1), Hot Razor (1), Brushes (5 lines), Hot rollers (1), Hot air styler (1), Iron holder (1)





Key words: Trendy, modern, down-to-earth, retail-focused.


History: Avanti is a brand that began in 1985.  Customers wanted professional products to make available to their clients.  Avanti offers higher end quality than pharmacy items that would appeal to the retail market.


Philosophy/values: Professional quality with a retail edge


Brand identity: Contemporary quality is the brand attitude.  Avanti responds to the ever changing retail needs.  It’s about respecting new lifestyle trends and matching it with professional quality products. This brand is positioned in the ‘good’ tier.


Avanti is easy to understand and does not overwhelm its customer.  It does not delve into the industry jargon too much.  It offers clear and concise benefits to the end user.


It feels professional, it looks fashionable & clean.

Like ‘Sebastian’ hair products, Avanti offers tools that stand apart from the multi national companies by offering professional quality to the retail sector.


Target Market – Non professionals who are serious about the care of their hair.  


Personality type – Her name is Jordana and she works as a clothing buyer at Le Chateau.  She is 35 and has been going to her stylists regularly for several years.  She trusts her stylist to care for her hair and to recommend tools that would be best for upkeep between appointments.  She wants professional quality tools, wants to look her best at all times, but wants to remain within her budget.


Brand promise: Avanti promises professional performance and applies the latest technology from the professional industry.  This brand vows to stay close to the end users needs and answer their calls for affordable professional tools.


Unique Selling Point – Professional products for the retail customer is Avanti’s USP.  These are serious products that are trendy and uncomplicated.


Products in line up: Diffusers (2), hair dryers (8), hot air stylers (2), brushes lines (6), comb line (1), neck brush (1), spray bottle (1).

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