• Looking for luxurious hand and foot care products?

    Look no further than BCL! My clients love the range of fragrances available and especially appreciate that these products are made with certified organic ingredients. Read more

  • Stylist Says...

    The 30-mm fine-tooth, Japanese stainless steel blade ensures precise and gentle trimming, shaving and grooming with maximum comfort. I love this cordless trimmer. When the battery runs out, all I need to do is plug it in and continue working without delay. Read more

  • Optima3000: Multipurpose Tool!

    A flat iron with a modern look and continuous heat, the new Optima3000 from BaBylissPRO is a multipurpose tool allowing stylists to create both sleek hairstyles and gorgeous curls. It lets me create maximum volume at the roots for short, mid-length and long hair, thanks to its very high temperature. Its titanium plates glide easily through hair without catching, while its high temperature remains constant and seals the cuticle for smooth, silky hair. I can curl hair using the interior plates or the rounded outer edge, which stays just as hot! The Optima3000 straightener has quickly become a must-have in my professional tool kit—try it and you’ll see why! Read more


    Since receiving this curved plate iron, it has quickly become a favourite in the salon! Read more

  • Bringing Back 80's Crimped Hair

    The 80's were a decade full of banana clips and scrunchies, vinyl records, the rubix cube and of course BIG HAIR!! Read more

  • BaBylissPRO® Lithium Ion FX673C Clipper

    From first sight, I knew the BaBylissPRO LithiumFx FX673C clipper was going to be my new best friend. Being cordless and beautifully designed aesthetically is what first appealed to me, but after using it, its ability to cut with power and precision is what truly won me over. Its lithium-ion technology outputs a tremendous power performance all the way until it needs to be recharged; it will not weaken as the charge level lowers! All in all, the FX673C is powerful, ergonomically engineered for maximum comfort, and very easy to use, providing a smooth and even cut. Its taper lever is conveniently located at thumbs-reach for quick and smooth blending, making fading and stretched out tapers seem effortless. I absolutely love the way it feels in the hand, it is durable and not too heavy with a powerful motor which is not too loud. The FX673C is an amazing tool and I would highly recommend it to be your number one choice when choosing a professional hair clipper. Read more

  • Why use Kwickway?

    As a master colorist, Kwickway thermal strips allow me to offer my clients a more luxurious and esthetically pleasing alternative to foil. They appreciate how clean the application is and the fact that the coloring service takes less time too! Kwickway thermal heating strips are versatile, easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly highlighting strips that enable me to provide clients with faster, better quality service. Why use Kwickway? Read more

  • Stylist Says...

    The smooth metallic finish, both inside and out, guarantees an absolutely perfect curl. The Optima3000 curling iron heats up quickly. With its adjustable temperature, it can smooth any type of hair, giving locks exceptional shine. Read more

  • Stylist Says...

    "This 1 1/2" flat iron is the perfect tool for giving a modern texture to all your trendy looks. The width and curve of the plates make beach waves easy to achieve. The C-Style is an indispensable tool for both you and your customers. " Read more

  • Stylist Says...

    “ Magic in the making, with this medium Ceramic Thermal Brush. The perfect size for mid length hair; and perfect for my cut done on Cityline's Fashion Friday Makeover.” Read more

  • FlashFX Lithium Trimmer

    “The FlashFXis a very versatile machine, it has the power of a clipper in the body of a trimmer. I use it on all hair types, even the thickest density. Its compact and easy to work in tight small areas; great for detail work and it allows me to cut extremely close to the skin without irritation. A barber must have!” Read more

  • Rapido® hairdryer

    “I must say as a busy hairstylist, working open to close, my go-to tool is my Rapido hairdryer. I am extremely impressed by the lightweight (under 1 LB) design, which allows me the freedom to move not only the hair but my body position as well. Traditional dryers concentrate the hot air to one spot causing damage and burning, while the Rapido distributes heat and pressure evenly so that the hair’s cuticle is kept intact. A 4-year warranty gives me the peace of mind and security that my Rapido will always perform at its peak.” Read more


    “The SteelFX hairdryer is great! It has a lot of power and gets very hot; it cuts drying time in half!” Read more


    “Cuts so fast and so clean that it truly is the Ferrari of the Clipper world. The revolutionary FX811C is cordless with 3 hour run time of consistent power flow. Designed with luxury, it makes me feel like a boss each time I use it!” Read more

  • MiraCurl® professional curling machine

    “The MiraCurl® is one of my favorite tools on the market. It is a phenomenal curling iron that can create amazing curls without having to manually twist or wrap the hair. It automatically twirls the hair within the chamber and in a few seconds, you will have a perfectly formed curl. The MiraCurl® is my go-to-tool for updos because the curls allow me to simply pull out pieces of hair to seperate the curls and give extra texture for the style.” Read more

  • For me, this is a revolution in the hair smoother industry...

    Read more