• Karim Juma

    Karim Juma is a Toronto-based Barber-Stylist who first developed a love for the art form at the age of twelve. Starting off as a basement barber, his passion for hairstyling led him to seek the technical skills and versatility needed to work with women’s hair. Since then, he received formal training by internationally acclaimed hairstylists. Consequently, he has acquired a provincial license to open numerous luxury salons. With over twenty years of experience, Karim Juma, Master Artist for BabylissPro, continues to set trends by performing numerous live demonstrations; showcasing his creativity and dexterity through graffiti hair tattoos, among other challenging styles and techniques. Possessing a tireless ambition, numerous technical skills, and razor-sharp attentiveness, Karim Juma plans to become one of the greatest hairstylists in Canadian history. Read more

  • Jay Lorenzana

    Jay Lorenzana doesn’t follow trends, he creates them. Jay has been cutting hair since 2005 and now is a Master Barber with BaBylissPRO. Jay has worked internationally, organized Barbering events and is an award winning barber. He has managed all of this, while operating multiple businesses. Jay has acquired a large client base, including some celebrities, through constantly creating trendsetting looks and styles. With his keen sense of style and strong execution, he’s been able to attract and build a very talented and knowledgeable team and set of students. For Jay, barbering is more than just creating and educating others, it is a lifestyle. In the words of Jay himself “Barbering is life!” Read more

  • Randy Cheddesingh

    Randy believes education should be endless. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will help fast track your growth. Randy started in the industry in 1995 where he was able to develop his skills in a multicultural community and now is able to work with diverse hair textures. Randy has been a business owner for Trendsetters Hair & Tattoo Lounge since 2010. Throughout his career Randy has serviced clients of many hair types including clients suffering from hair loss. He offers a solution to the problem through his SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) services. Randy shows his passion through giving his clients their confidence and by extension, their youth back. Read more

  • Benson Hedges

    "Hair is my canvas and hairstyling is the fundamental nature of my artistic creations." Since 2004, Benson has continuously developed his skills, and artwork, both fueled by his passion for barbering and hairstyling. At the start of his career, a substantial portion of his work was influenced by his talent in visual arts. Pairing his artistic endeavors and knowledge of barbering, Benson become a platform artist and educator for BaBylissPRO. Being an educator provided an outlet for Benson so accomplish his mission in inspiring others within the industry. After developing his success and credibility in the hair industry, he decided to build something unique, The Office Professional Hair Studio; a company that incorporates his passion for hair styling/barbering and adoration for quality. Over a decade ago, Benson began his journey as an artist, and today he is still staying true to his art while expanding his reach as a licensed hair stylist, business owner, platform artist and educator. Read more

  • Matyas Fekete

    As much as Maty loves doing hair in the shop, his true passion lies in helping others learn. He started at the age of 16, and is now an award winning barber with his own barbershop in Mississauga. Maty fuses both North American and European styles in his work, combining what he learned growing up Canada and working abroad. At the end of the day, sharing his knowledge is what is truly important to him. This is why Maty thrives by helping people learn and develop the art of both barbering and hairstyling. Read more

  • Andley Jean-François

    Offering out-of-this-world customer service, Andley—widely known as “Commando”—has built a loyal clientele thanks to his impeccable work, topped only by his friendly attitude. Starting out in the industry as a 15-year-old, Commando now works from home specializing in both women’s and men’s hair. Having travelled around the world, he can draw inspiration from the unlikeliest of places. And with three languages under his belt, the locals could benefit from his knowledge and skills, too. From barber to stylist, gymnast to dancer/singer, his personality and energy for the hairstyling industry will win you over. Read more

  • Geoffrey Gonzales-Aniag

    Geoffrey “Gonz” Gonzales is known for braiding. This one-stop shop barber does it all, braiding, fading, and teeth whitening. Gonz started his career in 2011 and has become an entrepreneur, opening up his own, La Section barbershop in Montreal. Gonz is constantly pushing himself to find new way to improve and grow his career. When Gonz isn’t in the shop, he is on the road sharing his knowledge as a BaBylissPRO educator. Follow gonzhands to see what’s in store next! Read more

  • Josh Matthew

    “Perfection is in the details” is the motto Josh Matthew lives by. The self-taught barber from Kelowna thrives on creating high end content that inspires people across the country, always pushing the boundaries of creativity in modern hairstyles. A true motivation for all hair artists who started in their parents basement, after only 3 years of picking up his first pair of clippers, he became a professional educator for the notorious BaBylissPRO in 2019. Josh strongly believes that success is achievable to anyone who lives & breathes barbering. Read more

  • Ryan Alba

    Alba believes in challenging himself and others by stepping out of his comfort zone. Alba started his career in 2010 and in 2016 was recognized as one of Toronto’s best barbers by NAR city Toronto. A multi award-winning barber, he is known for his braids and fades. Alba's passion for and knowledge of hair has given him the ability to share his experience with other across Canada. Read more

  • Reagan Tran

    Reagan believes that with confidence, you can achieve your dream. What makes Reagan unique is being able to analyze and understand someone’s preference to help ensure spectacular results. Reagan entered the barbering industry in 2014. Reagan appreciates the experience barbers provide, leaving client’s feeling confident. Giving someone that perfect experience, uplifting their spirits and empowering them with confidence is what Reagan wishes to share with all his clients. In 2016 Reagan enrolled himself in Hairstyling School, allowing him to further his knowledge and develop new skillsets. Since then, he has competed in several barber battles and hosted his very own barber competitions. Reagan has been the owner for multiple barbershops, and has created his own product line “blurry”. Reagan is a big believer that “you get what you put into it. “ Using what he learned through his past experiences, he aims to be a positive influence on others as a person and a professional. Read more

  • Jasmine Filiatrault

    Perfection is a must for Jasmine. While she began her studies in hairstyling, she realized she preferred specializing in men’s hair, so she decided to enrol in an intensive barber course. From employee to co-owner of her own franchise, Jasmine is always on the lookout to broaden her horizons. Each show or convention is an opportunity for her to build her network to provide you the best possible training. Read more

  • Justine Todd

    Justine decided to follow her mother’s footsteps and enter the world of hairstyling. Her burning ambition and thirst for learning have led her to busy cities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Her trips always involve participating in trainings to hone her techniques. She holds several barbering and colouring qualifications. Her strength is creating cutting-edge looks just like her own! Read more

  • Oliver Kult

    Owner of the 7 high-end Maison Privée barbershops, Oliver has been leading a growing team of expert barbers for over 3 years. His unique branding and vision of the barbering industry got him to be invited around the globe as a speaker in some of the largest hairshows. Blending his music career, fatherhood & a passion for tattoos with his barbering & businessman skills is what makes him someone a lot of people can look up to. A mentor for some, an inspiration for others, Oliver Kult has been and will keep being an important part of the barbering ecosystem. Read more

  • Nick Benitez

    Nick, a Toronto native hair artist, believes self-growth is all about adaptability, consistent hustle & continuously putting oneself in challenging situations. Working on his craft since 2012, Nick has travelled the country competing and learning new skills from a variety of barbershops. Nick’s versatility allows him to consistently create modern & traditional styles for all hair types. Mostly famously known for his detailed graffiti art work and fast fades, Nick is on the rise to become one of the most influential Canadian barbers. Today, Nick is a multi-award winning barber and platform artist for BabylissPro Canada. His passion, determination and admirable work ethic inspires others to elevate the work and push industry boundaries like never before. Read more

  • Camilo Florez

    Camilo believes you can do anything you put your mind to. At a young age Camilo was very interested in the barbering industry. With a decade of experience he was able to fulfil his dreams and continue to strive in the industry. Camilo is unique because he keeps an open mind, allowing him to always have creative solutions for his clients. He first picked up a pair of clippers in 2011 and since then he has been working to master his craft. With his mother being a hairstylist as well, Camilo has always been surrounded by talented people in the industry. Camilo is a barber battle veteran, an 8 time award winning barber, and in 2019 Camilo opened his first barbershop, Apex. Camilo has experience with all different types of hair textures, providing him with a wide range of techniques to create virtually any style. Read more

  • Kevin Orlando Campos-Hernandez

    Kevin is always impressed by the durability and technological developments in our products. He believes it proves how important innovation and education is to the industry. Kevin knows that knowledge and education empowers us into becoming a better barber/stylist. At a very young age, armed only with a marker and anything he could get his hands on, Kevin started practicing his designs. Now, he continues his passion for design by adding a special touch to designs on people’s heads! Hair design is the way Kevin likes to express himself and to create masterful pieces of art. Kevin is proud of his achievements and wishes to share his expertise and passion as a way of helping other barbers/stylists who want to advance their skills. His experience with our technology and tools will help other artists see the power behind BabylissPro. Whether you're looking for an outrageous change or a simple clean up, Barber Campos will customize your style. Read more