• BaBylissPRO Steamtech MiraCurl

    As we prepare to send many of our clients back to school, it important to send them off with the latest yet most simple trends. Read more

  • The 80s are back with a vengeance!

    Ease back into that trend with the new 5-wave 1 inch crimping iron by Avanti Ultra (AVWAVE5C). A great way to add body and volume – and have some fun creating new texture to hair! Read more

  • Innovation in Spa Treatments

    As spa owners and aestheticians, we work diligently to ensure quality services for our clientele and we are always looking for something that will not only make our busy spa lives easier, but to further polish our services. So, it is nice to have a few tricks up your lab coat. Read more

  • 5 Minute Up-Do!

    1 - Create texture by making pincurls with the Optima3000 2 - Tease for more texture 3 - Pin up hair in a loose bun 4- Spray finish with volume on top 5 - Final result! Read more

  • How to make facial waxing more comfortable and upselling...

    There is a common misconception that facial waxing is a painful experience, whether for men or women. To dispel this myth, I have some tips to help estheticians convince clients how quick and easy (and surprisingly, pain-free!) it can be. Read more

  • The Heat Is ON...Are You Ready For a Brazilian?

    Many people may know what the Brazilian bikini waxing service entails, but may not know where to go or how to prepare for this type of up-close-and-personal hair removal. So, whether you’re a client or a waxing technician, here’s some valuable information that will make the “full monty” experience a bit more comfortable. Read more

  • The Reason For Ditching Your Razor!

    Waxing versus shaving is a personal debate that many men and women struggle with across the country. What’s the difference between the two hair removal methods and why is keeping a waxing regimen so important for the skin’s well being? As the colder months approach people may be tempted to revert back to shaving. It’s easier, faster and less expensive, by shaving you are actually doing a disservice to your skin. Here’s why: Shaving with a razor or an electric shaver stimulates the sebaceous glands, which sends signals for reproduction to the hair follicles. Cutting hair just above the epidermis sends signals to the sebaceous glands to immediately reproduce, which is why hair grows back in a day or two. The shaving process not only results in thicker, denser hair but it can also trigger dormant hair that have not matured, to start growing hair. Studies show that extracting hair from the root (papilla) by use of a depilatory waxing product weakens the hair follicles and slows down the reproduction signals, resulting in finer, slower re-growth. Read more

  • Beautiful Braids

    They started a worldwide frenzy with the so-called "Kardashian braids"; however, I have been rocking cornrows for as long as I can remember (which was as soon as I had hair). Read more


    Being a stylist behind the chair should not stop at just doing hair. Business building is an important step to being a successful stylist. This should include being active on social media, educating and training clients and retailing electrical products. Read more

  • Andrea's 6-Step Up-Do

    Make the season magical for everyone who sits in your chair for some holiday flair. Whether you’re creating voluminous hair or need to tame the mane, this kit of “must-haves” will successfully get you through the season... Read more

  • Maty's Slicked Back Face Made Easy

    Hey everyone, it’s @Cutsbymaty here to show you how to achieve one of the hottest trends for the holidays! This look is so versatile, because even when you remove your winter hat it will still look good... if not better! This is a classic style, with a new school twist, perfect for winter! Read more