• Karim Juma

    Karim Juma is a Toronto-based hairstylist who first developed a love for the art form at the age of 12. His inquisitive nature and his passion for hairstyling led him to seek the technical skills and versatility needed to work with women’s hair. Since then he received formal training by internationally acclaimed hairstylists, such as Maurice Fiorio and Woody Michleb. He consequently acquired a provincial license. Read more

  • Jay Lorenza

    Jay Lorenza is one of Toronto's youngest, most requested, up and coming barbers. He prides himself in his ability to sculpt simplistic haircuts into masterpieces. His classic approach of straight razors, shears, and clippers have earned him a strong following, and his expertise in facial hair, specialty cuts, and clipper art is truly unique. Jay has spent more than 10 years mastering the classic art of barbering and is proud to maintain its heritage, while adapting it to suit the modern men's styles. Read more

  • Randy Cheddesingh

    My love for the hair industry started at a young age of 14. The first time my mother brought me to the barber shop I was in awe. I could not stop watching all the barbers and steps they were performing to create the cut . I grasped the concept of a fade that day and took my newly learned skill to my moms basement. My first haircut was a hit and that’s when my career started as a barber. Read more

  • Benson Hedges

    Benson has loved art for as far as he can remember, realizing that possibilities for creativity are endless. M.C. Escher is a huge inspiration for Benson's artistic career as he was fascinated by Escher's 'Impossible Constructions', which he felt were advanced well ahead of its time. At the age of 12, Benson slowly transitioned his artwork from pencil and paper to playing with shades and shapes on his brother's hair. It didn't take long for his passion for art and precision to become the very basis of his career. Read more

  • Matyas Fekete

    My name is Matyas Fekete, I am a barber based out of Toronto with 6+ years experience in the trade. I have a strong love for hair and teaching/learning it! I have always been a very creative person and I consider hair as my art, that I use to express that creativity. Read more


    Barberology is the study of the science, history and practice of barbering. It is the distinct marriage of barbering and styling in an exploding market. Dannyco Professional and BaBylissPRO® recognize the importance of stylists and barbers working together to create trends, techniques and to share concepts with one another. Read more